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1.85mm Adapters


These 1.85mm coaxial adapters,with metric threads,  will mate with 2.4, but not sma, 2.92, or 3.5 which use english threads. The Frequency of 1.85mm adapters  is either 65 or  67ghz; standards committees just switched to 67ghz. 1.85mm adapters fill the frequency gap between 2.4's & 1.0's. The 1.85 connector is sometimes referred to as a "V" connector. Hex size is 5/16, the same as many other precision connectors. 1.85mm to 1.85mm adapters are usefull as connector savers & hooking up different 1.85 systems.

 c8053-185mm-185mm-adapter-inseries-centric-rf.png  c8152-185mm-292mm-adapter-centricrf.png  c8175-185mm-sma-adapter-centricrf.png


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