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1.85mm Adapters


These 1.85mm coaxial adapters, straight & right angle,  will mate with 2.4, but not sma, 2.92, or 3.5 which use english threads. The Frequency of 1.85mm adapters  is either 65 or  67ghz; standards committees just switched to 67ghz. 1.85mm adapters fill the frequency gap between 2.4's & 1.0's. The 1.85 connector is sometimes referred to as a "V" connector. Hex size is 5/16, the same as many other precision connectors. 1.85mm to 1.85mm adapters are usefull as connector savers & hooking up different 1.85 systems. The Right Angle 1.85mm adapters featire a mitered constyruction, & operate bto 67ghz

 c8053-185mm-185mm-adapter-inseries-centric-rf.png  c8152-185mm-292mm-adapter-centricrf.png  c8175-185mm-sma-adapter-centricrf.png


Please click on a link  from the drop down menu above to find the exact 1.85mm coaxial adapter you need.