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Sales Tax

Jan 6th 2020

We have been collecting Sales Tax from more customers. As a result of the Wayfair vs South Dakota Supreme Court decision, we're required to

ISO 9001:2015

Oct 19th 2019

We received our certification 10/18/2019.

200 Watt N 18Ghz Attenuators

Posted by Bob Hawkins on Dec 3rd 2018

The C18N200-XX Attenuator line has been introduced. CW Power ratings is 200 watts. Other relevant specifications are  0-18Ghz, Stainles

TNC Hermetic Bulkhead Adapters

Jan 3rd 2018

The C2515 Hermetic TNC Bulkhead Adapter is now in stock. VSWR is 1.2 max at 18Ghz, leak rate is 10-6 cc/sec max. $1-9 is $82.00