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1.0 1.35 1.85 2.92 2.4 3.5 Torque Wrenches

 The 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 1.35mm, & 1.85mm connectors all use the same nut size, & can use the same torque; so the torque wrench selection is easy.

Note: 1.0mm torque wrenches features a 6mm head and a couple different torque options. However the 1.0mm connector is evolving; one manufacturer says to use 4 in-lbs, another company recommends 6; one company is using 10; & still another manufacturer is using a ball bearing approach. So we can't make a recommendation. We suggest you contact the manufacturer of the 1.0mm connector you're using, & use their values of torque. Hopefully the new P287 standard will be released next year & standardize these numbers.

Calibration Certificates: We outsource our torque wrenches. Some don’t have any cal certificate (ex Huber Suhner 74Z-0-0-21, our CT-SMA8C, etc). Some come with a certificate which is dated because its been on the shelf for awhile (CT-516-8 etc). All parts are tested 100% in ISO9000 certified facilities. Should you need a current Cal Certificate, we can have this done at a local lab; $60 ea, 2 weeks; see product at bottom of each page to order.