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Purchase Order Terms


1: Changes: Any changes to a purchase order must be approved by Centric RF in writing.


2: Cancellation of Purchase Orders: Any Purchase Order is subject to cancellation without prior notice if more than 60 days late; or if a material change in design, manufacturing techniques, materials, or manufacturing location has been implemented without prior Centric RF approval.


3: Nonconforming parts may be returned for replacement or credit, at Centric RF's discretion.


4: REACH: Seller will notify Centric RF if any REACH materials are used.


5: Counterfeit Materials: Seller will Notify Centric RF if any counterfeit materials are used, or if any products used in the manufacturing process are purchased from non franchised distributors.


6: Acceptance: Items purchased are subject to inspection. Seller warrants the items to meet specifications and be free of defects. Parts received at incoming are subject to AQL sample testing & lots of parts may be rejected if they fail the AQL testing. Rejected parts and lots will be returned either for replacement or cancellation, at Centric RF's Discretion.


7: Buyers property: Centric RF Specifications and Drawings belong to Centric RF and may not be used for any purpose other than fulfilling the Centric RF PO unless permission is granted in writing.


8: Changes to Parts: All changes to parts must be approved by Centric RF, whether its a change to the design, material, assembly process, or assembly location.


9: Governing Law: Any disputes will be settle in Collin County, TX and will be governed by Texas law.


10: Seller will use common practice for protection of cyber security and information systems


11: Seller will notify buyer in the event of an ownership change


Rev G  8/2023