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Network (Commercial) Grade


Low Cost Adapters & Cables: Commercial (Network) Grade

We often get asked why an adapter like our sma to n female adapter can be $30, when other places charge $5-10. We're going to offer here products that are 1/3 to 1/2 the price of our standard parts.

Elsewhere on our site, parts are built to mil standards and other industry standards; the parts have BeCu female contacts so they're good over a wide temperature range, 30-50 microinches of gold contact plating so they can be mated/demated often, teflon dielectrics which allow for high frequencies of operations. 

Our network grade components in this section often have phospher bronze female contacts, 3-5 microinches of gold plating, rexolite dielectrics--which is fine if you're going to hook up the part no more than 10-20 times, they're used in a controlled temperature environment like an office, & they're not used above 3Ghz.