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We have more than 40,000 rf & microwave coaxial terminations in stock we can ship today. We offer these Microwave & RF terminations: SMA Terminations, Type N terminations, 7/16 DIN terminations, 2.92mm terminations, 2.4mm terminations, TNC terminations, smp terminations, minismp terminations, 4.1/9.5 minidin terminations. 4.3/10 terminations, ssma terminations, ssmc terminations, and a few Reverse Polarity terminations. Power levels of 0.5-150 watts. RF / Microwave terminations are also known as dummy loads or 50 ohm dummy loads. Our 1.85mm terminations, are rated to 67ghz. We offer 1.0mm terminations good to 110Ghz.

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