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N Terminations


N Terminations here vary from 2 to 100+ watts, and from 6ghz to 18ghz. When offered with a hex nut, we use the IEEE P297 19mm (0,748"). Some N terminations come with a 3/4 hex, some n terminations come with a 13/16 hex, and some type n loads come with no hex at all--usually a knurled nut. Standard N terminations (11ghz, 50 ohms) work finger tight, precision n terminations usually have a torque spec. These N terminations are often used as Dummy Loads, aka RF Dummy Loads. Use an N type terminator like those below to terminate unused ports with low reflections, and to protect active devices from 100% power reflection.

c18n2-70283.1440193449.500.659.png  c3n50-50577.1439915104.500.659.png          c4n100-45370.1441311631.500.659.png                               


Both standard N terminations  (brass body, 11ghz) and precision Type N terminations (18ghz, stainless steel body) are offered.


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