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DC Blocks


Coaxial DC Blocks allow the transmission of RF signals while blocking DC signals, usually using a blocking capacitor. We feature SMA DC blocks, 2.92mm DC Blocks, BNC DC Blocks, TNC DC Blocks, and Type N DC Blocks. DC blocks can block the inner conductor, outer conductor, or both; hence there are "inner" dc blocks, "outer" dc blocks, and "inner/outer" dc blocks. These Coaxial DC Blocks are frequently used in Satellite Systems where a control voltage is passed along with the RF signal, and the coaxial dc block protects equipment. The BNC DC block uses a precision bnc to get to 4ghz. The C0927 SMA DC Block uses dual parallel  capacitors to achieve its broad bandwidth, its ideal for EO & NRZ systems.


c0140-292-dc-block.png      cd9515-sma-outer-dc-block.png       cd9521-n-dc-block.png


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