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Torque Wrenches


Recommended torque for various connectors has changed slightly through the years, current standards often being slightly less than before.  The recommended torque depends upon whether a connector is stainless steel or brass. The SMA recommended torques have the most variables, with stainless steel sma's for final installation being 8-10 in-lbs, preferably 8; stainless steel sma's in the test lab are best tested at 5 in-lbs to preserve the sma; & brass sma's are 4 in-lbs. Most of these torque wrenches are "ours" however we also carry the Huber Suhner sma torque wrenches, the 74Z-0-0-21 & 74Z-0-0-79 as they're so popular. Our torque wrenches are preset to specific values.

Calibration Certificates: We outsource our torque wrenches. Some don’t have any cal certificate (ex Huber Suhner 74Z-0-0-21, our CT-SMA8C, etc). Some come with a certificate which is dated because its been on the shelf for awhile (CT-516-8 etc). All parts are tested 100% in ISO9000 certified facilities. Should you need a current Cal Certificate, we can have this done at a local lab; $60 ea, 2 weeks; see product at bottom of each page to order.

We outsource our NIST traceable calibrations to a local company, Accura. We highly recommend them.

With some connectors "finger tight" works (standard n, standard tnc, etc) but even these connections benefit from the uniformity realized by using a coaxial torque wrench.


Note: Brass SMA's need different torques than stainless steel sma's; Precision N's require a torque wrench, standard N's finger tight works but torque wrenches are recommended. N connectors come in 5 Hex sizes. 


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